Botox Sprinkles and Natural Living: What This New Trend Is All About

Botox Sprinkles and Natural Living: What This New Trend Is All About

These days, all natural is all the rage. More and more people, from celebrities to everyday people like you and me, are starting to jump on the clean living bandwagon.

From diets and exercise routines to cleaning products and clothing, the natural, unprocessed lifestyle is gaining momentum.

And yet somehow, even amongst this demographic that has sworn off toxins and synthetic products, Botox still remains a popular option.

So how does Botox fit in with this natural living' lifestyle so many people crave and strive for?

The answer, for many, is Botox Sprinkles.

What are Botox Sprinkles?

Botox Sprinkles are exactly what they sound like - small sprinkles of Botox here and there to take the edge off when it comes to aging. These small doses help to combat wrinkles without causing the face freeze and lack of expression that many associate with Botox.

When done a couple of times a year, these Botox Sprinkles can make a noticeable difference that looks completely natural.

Though the Botox Sprinkles trend has recently come to the forefront and gained popularity, prompted in part by acknowledgement from celebrities like Robin Wright, the actual concept is not especially new. For patients that crave a very natural, subtle alteration in their looks - rather than the more substantial changes caused by higher doses of Botox - these sprinkles have been going on for years.

How Do Botox Sprinkles Align With The Natural Beauty Trend?

For many people, it's hard to reconcile how injectables and fillers, including Botox, align with the current clean living and natural beauty trend. If someone doesn't want to ingest processed food or use non-natural products, how can that same person be okay with injecting a foreign substance like Botox into their body?

While the answer to this question may be different for each individual, the overall consensus seems to be that the small and subtle changes in appearance that Botox Sprinkles provide help natural livers to achieve the image that they're working to obtain through the lifestyle they have chosen.

In other words, Botox Sprinkles helps those who value natural beauty to achieve the naturally beautiful look they're striving for without forcing them to stray too far from their clean living lifestyle.

Still grappling with this concept? You're not the only one. Check out this article from MamaMia about why many "clean livers" still love cosmetic fillers to see what others are saying about this trend.

Are Botox Sprinkles Right For Me?

As with all plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, only you can decide if a specific treatment is right for your body and lifestyle. That being said, here's a little bit of insight:

If you're interested in Botox and considering making a change to your appearance, Botox Sprinkles are a good place to start. Because the doses are so small and the changes are so subtle, coming in for a sprinkle here and there is a great way to get introduced to Botox and other injectables.

Having trouble deciding if you'd like to try Botox Sprinkles? Set up a consultation with us and we'd be happy to help you find the treatment that's best for you!

Where Can I Get Botox Sprinkles?

With Botox Sprinkles gaining popularity, many med spas and plastic surgery offices are beginning to offer them. But here at Garcia Plastic & Hand Surgery, we've been offering subtle Botox treatments with natural results for years. In fact, Dr. Garcia specializes in enhancing patients' natural beauty, producing subtle, natural results without drastic changes.

If you're located in Glens Falls, Saratoga, Lake George, or elsewhere in the Adirondack region and you're interested in learning more about Botox Sprinkles, give us a call today at 518-793-0475 or schedule a consultation with us online. We'd be happy to design a cosmetic procedure to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

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