Breast Augmentation Recovery: What To Expect Immediately After Surgery & In the Coming Weeks

Breast Augmentation Recovery: What To Expect Immediately After Surgery & In the Coming Weeks

Breast augmentation is one of our most popular breast surgeries, and typically the questions we hear most often in consultations is regarding breast augmentation recovery. After your surgery, Dr. Garcia will let you know how to care for your incisions and based on individual circumstances, will develop a recovery plan regarding when it’s okay to return to work, exercising, etc. or engaging in other strenuous activity.

The truth is every woman’s body is different, so each woman will heal at her own body’s rate. But for the most part, below are the typical stages and trajectory of breast surgery recovery in the days, weeks, and months following breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

Immediately After Surgery

Post-operation, you will feel groggy waking up from the anesthesia and sore in your chest region. The majority of patients have swelling and bruising immediately after breast surgery which will last for several weeks.

First 72 Hours

The first 2-3 days after your surgery are typically the most uncomfortable you will be in the whole recovery process. As your body adjusts from the surgery, swelling and bruising of the breasts will continue, the skin on your chest may feel tight as it adjusts to the implants, and you may also continue to feel nauseous from the anesthesia utilized in procedure. Your doctor will likely prescribe over-the-counter painkillers to manage your pain.

Rest is incredibly important this stage. Dr. Garcia recommends a front closure sports bra worn continuously at this time to reduce swelling and discomfort. You will also need help moving around, showering (24 hours after surgery), and getting dressed, so make sure you have a friend or family member there to help you out!

Be sure to read our blog to learn a couple of easy tips you can do ahead of time to make your breast augmentation recovery as easy and stress-free as possible!

First Week

One week after surgery, most patients will be up and moving and able to perform light activity. Depending on the type of work you do, some patients can return to work within a few days, as long as it does not involve heavy lifting, running, or jumping.

Two Weeks

Two weeks after surgery, most patients can perform normal routine activities without pain. Heavy lifting and aerobic activity is still discouraged at this stage.

Four to Six Weeks

During this period of time, your implants will begin to settle, and you will no longer need pain medication, although you may still feel some residual breast sensitivity. Although you may feel up to it, Dr. Garcia still recommends minimizing heavy lifting, running and jumping during the first 6 weeks after surgery, including exercise. Learn more about exercising after plastic surgery.

Several Months

After two months or more, most patients have fully healed from their breast augmentation and can resume all normal activities including exercise.

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