Saline Breast Implants vs. Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Saline Breast Implants vs. Silicone Gel Breast Implants

There are a variety of options when it comes to breast implants. If you're planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it's important to understand these options and to work with your doctor to select the implant style that's right for you.

Two common types of breast implants are saline implants and silicone gel implants. Here, we'll share some fast facts about each so you can begin familiarizing yourself with your breast implant options.

Saline Breast Implant Fast Facts

Considering saline breast implants for your breast augmentation? Here are some facts to keep in mind.

    • Saline Implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women 18 years of age and older.
    • During surgery, saline breast implants are usually inserted empty, then filled with a sterile saltwater solution after they've been put in place. They can also be prefilled.
    • Implants filled with saline solution can feel a bit firmer than silicone gel implants.
    • Wrinkling or rippling is more common with this type of breast implant.
    • Though ruptures are rare, if one does occur, the leaked saline solution will be absorbed by the body without posing a significant health risk. The implant will deflate and you'll likely need surgery to have the silicone shell removed and a new implant inserted.

Silicone Gel Implant Fast Facts

Think silicone gel breast implants might be the ideal option for you? These facts will give you a quick overview of what to expect.

    • Silicone gel implants are also referred to as gummy implants.
    • Silicone implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women 22 years of age and older.
    • Silicone breast implants are filled with an elastic gel.
    • The gel that fills silicone breast implants can make them feel softer and have a more natural look and feel.
    • Silicone gel implants rarely rupture but if they do, a leak may be slightly more of a risk than with saline implants. Leaking silicone isn't thought to cause health problems, but you may experience breast pain or changes in the shape of your breast and will likely need to have the implant surgically removed.

Exploring Your Breast Implant Options

These are just two of the numerous breast implant options available. Both come in a variety of sizes and styles, so any and all women can find the implant necessary to enhance their physique in the way they're envisioning.

No two women are the same, which means no two breast augmentation surgeries are the same. At Garcia Plastic & Hand Surgery, we provide individualized, attentive care to all of our patients. If you're looking for a caring, compassionate team to guide you through the breast augmentation process in Upstate NY, look no further. We'd love to work with you to help you attain your ideal image and enhance your confidence.

Interested in learning more about which breast implant style is right for you? Contact us today at 518-793-0475 to schedule a consultation with our breast augmentation experts. We'll help you understand your options and make the choice that's best for your body.

Want more specific details about what you can expect from breast augmentation surgery? Give us a call at 518-793-0475 or schedule your consultation online today and we'd be happy to talk with you about your unique situation.

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