Why Saratoga Residents Choose Dr. Garcia For Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

A private practice in Glens Falls has become a popular cosmetic surgery destination for Saratoga residents

Even in today's world, where stories of celebrities having 'work done' make headlines on an hourly basis, most people prefer that their cosmetic surgery experience remain a very private experience. The goal is to look and feel better, with only close family and friends, along with the doctor, aware that any cosmetic procedure has taken place.

The desire for privacy when it comes to doctor visits is one of the reasons why Garcia Plastic and Hand Surgery has seen an increase in visits from residents from Saratoga County. Along with his stellar reputation (6 time winner of Best Cosmetic Surgeon, awarded by the Post-Star), Dr. Juan Garcia's office location outside the lights of downtown Saratoga Springs seems to be a major plus when it comes to why his patients choose him for cosmetic procedures from facelifts to breast augmentation to Mommy Makeovers.

Over the years, Dr. Garcia has helped thousands of local women look good at work, out on the town and at home. And with an office located in Glens Falls, patients from Saratoga don't need to worry about being seen by neighbors who may be walking or driving around Saratoga.

Of course, location is only one of the reasons women select Dr. Garcia to perform cosmetic procedures. The staff at the office is skilled at making each and every patient feel comfortable, from their initial consult all the way through any post procedure follow-ups.

And what may be the most important factor is deciding on a cosmetic surgeon plays a big role as well - the results. The combination of up to date training and years of experience with each procedure, along with taking the time to develop an individualized plan of each patient, leads to results that patients are truly satisfied with. In fact, over the past decade, repeat business and referrals are the top 2 generators of business for the practice.

Would you like to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Garcia? Please email us or call us at (518) 793-0475.
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