My CoolSculpting Journey: A Real Patient’s CoolSculpting Story


What’s it like to get CoolSculpting done at Garcia Plastic Surgery?

One of the most popular questions we get from prospective CoolSculpting patients is “What’s it like to get CoolSculpting done?!”

To set curious minds and anxieties at ease, we figured this question is best answered straight from the horse’s mouth!

So we sat down with a recent Garcia Plastic & Hand Surgery patient (we’ll call her Emily for privacy purposes), who underwent CoolSculpting treatments with our specialist. Emily wrote three blog posts for us that follow her CoolSculpting journey, from initial consultation, to treatments, to check-ups, to the final results.

Read All Three Parts of Emily’s Story Below:

Emily’s story is written straight from her POV, so you get to follow Emily on her CoolSculpting journey in her own words and know her true thoughts, feelings, reservations, and revelations of the CoolSculpting experience.

My CoolSculpting Journey, Part One: The Consultation — Learn what about CoolSculpting interested Emily and follow her through a real consultation appointment at our office.

My CoolSculpting Journey, Part Two: The Treatment — Follow Emily’s journey during her two CoolSculpting treatment days and subsequent check-up appointments.

My CoolSculpting Journey, Part Three: The Results — The big reveal is here! Emily reveals her before and after photos and stats in addition to describing how the CoolSculpting procedure has affected her body and mindset moving forward.

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