Breast Augmentation & Enlargement for Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs

Breast Augmentation

For women, breast augmentation (sometimes called breast enlargement) represents an opportunity to create an enhanced breast appearance. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Garcia possesses the skills, and an artful eye to provide a natural, attractive outcome.  He takes the time to understand each woman’s needs and provides an in-depth consultation to help his patients achieve the look they desire.

Why Breast Augmentation?

There are many reasons why women consider breast augmentation. Maybe you’ve never felt comfortable with your breast size. Maybe you’ve lost volume after raising a family. Or maybe you just want to look fantastic when sunbathing at Lake George or socializing in Saratoga Springs or downtown Glens Falls. Breast augmentation can address these and many other cosmetic concerns.

What’s Breast Enlargement All About?

Women considering breast augmentation have more options than ever before. Once you’ve decided to have your procedure, Dr. Garcia can help you with the other decisions you need to make, such as:

  • Breast implant type: We offer the Natrelle® line of saline and silicone gel filled implants
  • Breast implant placement: Choose placement above or below the pectoral muscle
  • Breast implant shape: Round or anatomical (teardrop shaped) implants are available

By discussing your breast enhancement goals with Dr. Garcia, he can recommend the right implant options for you.

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Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Some surgeons would be able to tell you exactly what to expect during surgery, in this short space. That’s because they perform the same breast augmentation over and over, instead of tailoring the procedure for each patient’s needs. Prior to surgery, you will work with Dr. Garcia to decide which type of implant is to be used, the placement of the implant and which incision is best for you.  Dr. Garcia will customize your procedure in an effort to maximize safety and achieve your goals.

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Recovery Plan and Recovery Time

After surgery, plan a night out to dinner and stay active. Dr. Garcia will let you know how to care for your incisions. Based on individual circumstances, a plan will be developed regarding when it’s okay to return to work, and when you can start exercising or engaging in other strenuous activity.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Results

Results will vary based on your individual procedure, but you can rest assured that you will feel more comfortable and confident with your new, enhanced figure!

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Learn More About Breast Augmentation Surgery Today!

Dr. Garcia offers a full cosmetic surgery menu from his Glens Falls office (conveniently near Saratoga Sprigns!). Request a consultation today by calling 518-793-0475.

Not quite ready to take that next step? You can learn more about what to expect during breast augmentation surgery by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.