Top 5 Reasons to Buy SkinMedica Products from an Authorized Retailer

Top 5 Reasons to Buy SkinMedica Products from an Authorized Retailer

When it comes to purchasing skincare products, there are many options to choose from – both in terms of the products you use and where you decide to buy them.

Here at Garcia Plastic & Hand Surgery, we are big fans of SkinMedica products for a number of reasons. We also highly recommend that our clients and customers purchase their SkinMedica products from authorized retailers like us.

While it may seem like we’re biased, there are a handful of good reasons why we encourage our customers to turn to authorized retailers for these products.

Here, we’ll delve into our top 3 reasons why buying from an authorized SkinMedica retailer is your best bet.

Benefits of Buying SkinMedica Products From Us Instead Ordering Them on Amazon or Elsewhere

Ordering your skincare products along with the other items you’re shopping for on Amazon or through other online retailers can be tempting. However, there are a few good reasons why it’s actually more beneficial to order SkinMedica products separately through an authorized retailer.

1. The Prices Are The Same

Many people order items from Amazon assuming they will be cheaper than they would be elsewhere. With SkinMedica products, you’ll find that the product prices are the same whether your purchase through Amazon or you purchase them at our office or through our online store.

As a result, you won’t save on your skincare products by purchasing through Amazon.

2. You Get Access to Expertise & Personalized Consultation

Though the product prices might be the same, you actually get access to a lot more when you purchase through an authorized retailer like us.

Instead of having to guess at which products will work best for your skin and scenario, when you work with us you’ll get professional, personal consultation to help guide your product choices. SkinMedica products aren’t cheap, but they provide amazing results. As a result, knowing which products will work best for you is key if you’re hoping to get the most for your money – and out of your product purchases.  

3. You Can Earn Rewards

When you order SkinMedica products from authorized retailers like Garcia Plastic & Hand Surgery, you can take advantage of the Brilliant Distinctions program, which enables you to earn points, rewards and free products.

You’ll also gain access to special discounts that you can’t find elsewhere, which is terrific if you’re looking to save on SkinMedica products!

The Brilliant Distinctions program is only available through certain doctors and participating providers, but it’s not accessible if you’re purchasing through Amazon.

You can learn more about the Brilliant Distinctions program here.

4. Free Gifts

If you’re someone who loves free gifts or added perks, then you’ll be excited to know that you can take advantage of these when you purchase SkinMedica products through many authorized providers.

In addition to earning free products, rewards, and discounts, you’ll also get access to exclusive offers and free gifts when you order SkinMedica products through our online store.

5. Free Shipping

We know paying for shipping is a real drag, and that one of the major perks for Amazon Prime subscribers is free shipping on all orders. But what many people don’t realize is that we offer free shipping on SkinMedica products as well!

All orders placed through our website receive free two day shipping, and some products and orders may even ship the same day! If you’re purchasing from us in-office, you may not even have to wait for your product to ship. If we have it on hand, you can take it home with you that day – no waiting required!

Shop SkinMedica With Us Today!

So there you have it – 5 great ways you can benefit and save on SkinMedica products by ordering them through an authorized retailer like Garcia Plastic & Hand Surgery.

Ready to get shopping? Check out our online store here to browse available products and place your order.

Have questions? Wondering what SkinMedica product or products you’d benefit from most? Give us a call today at 518-793-0475 and we’d be happy to help you!

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