5 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Bra Size - And What To Do About It

5 Signs You

Clothing sizes are often a touchy subject for women. When it comes to bra sizes, this remains especially true.

If you're a woman, you've probably heard about the importance of being properly fitted for a bra. Once you've been assigned your coveted bra size, it's almost as if it becomes a part of your identity. You shop exclusively for bras that come in that size and forget to consider or try on other options when you're looking for a new bra.

While this might seem to make bra shopping easier (I mean, you only have to remember one number and one letter - how much easier can it get?), this attachment to our bra sizes may be one of the reasons why so many women are wearing the wrong bra size at this very moment.

Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

It is rumored that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Believe it or not, you may be one of these women!

These simple signs might indicate that the bra size you've come to know and love is not, in fact, the right size for you after all.

5 Signs Your Bra Does Not Fit Correctly

1. You're clasping your bra on the last hook

A bra should feel most comfortable when it is clasped on the middle hook. That way, you have some room for growth when necessary, but you also have room to tighten the bra band as it stretches over time. If you're consistently wearing your bra clasped on the last hook, it may be a sign that your bra does not fit correctly.

2. You are constantly adjusting your bra straps

If you are constantly tightening and adjusting your bra straps because they are either digging into your shoulders or they are loose and floppy, you are likely wearing the wrong bra size. Straps on a properly fitted bra should fit snugly and stay in place. They should not consistently become loose and baggy and they definitely shouldn't cause dents in your shoulders!

3. You're experiencing overflow or bulge of any kind

Many women assume that bra bulge is a given, or that the bulge they are experiencing is being caused by excess fat. Turns out, if you're wearing a properly fitted bra neither of these assumptions is true. Boob overflow in the front and bulge in the back are typically caused by a bra's band being too small.

4. Your neck or back hurts

If you have pain in your neck or your back and you're having trouble identifying why, your ill-fitting bra may be the culprit. A bra that doesn't fit correctly likely isn't providing the support you need, which can cause soreness in your back and neck.

5. All of your bras are the same size

Believe it or not, you probably don't have just one bra size. While you may be attached to that number and letter, chances are you don't wear that exact size in every style and brand of bra. Just like other clothes, bra sizes can vary. If every bra in your drawer is the same size, chances are you're wearing the wrong bra size at least some of the time.

What To Do If You Think You're Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

If any or all of these signs apply to you, you're probably wearing the wrong bra size.

So what should you do about that? There are a few important steps you can take to be sure your bras are helping you to look and feel your best moving forward.

1. Get rid of the bras you currently have that don't fit correctly

Try on the bras you have and analyze how they fit. Keep those that fit properly and are 100% comfortable and ditch the rest. Those that have been gently worn can be donated, while those that are worn out can be discarded.

2. Get properly fitted for a bra

Many stores that sell undergarments offer bra fittings. These fittings are often free and are well worth doing. You'll learn the size and style of bra that will suit you best, which will help you as you shop for bras in the future.

3. Keep an open mind when shopping for bras in the future

As you continue to shop for bras, keep in mind that sticking to the same size in all brands and styles does not ensure the best fit. Pay more attention to the fit and feel than the size on the tag and don't be tempted to purchase a bra just because it's supposedly your size.

Wearing the right size bra can make a big difference when it comes to your comfort and confidence. Looking for more tips and tricks for looking and feeling your best? Check out our blog!

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