Unconventional Ways to Treat Blemishes: At-Home Remedies Using Household Products

Unconventional Ways to Treat Blemishes: At-Home Remedies Using Household Products

We've all been there. There's an important event coming up and you wake up one morning with a blemish on your face that seems to have appeared out of the blue. It's a super inconvenient time to not be looking your best, but you are afraid there's not much you can do.

While the truth is that the best way to prevent blemishes is to take great care of your skin year-round, the rogue blemish is something that seemingly happens to everyone. The good news? There are a number of ways you can treat a blemish FAST in an effort to make it disappear before the big day.

Feel like nothing is working and you've tried everything to get rid of the spot that's making you self conscious? Check out these unconventional at-home remedies some people have tried to get rid of last minute blemishes quickly. They don't work for everyone, but who knows - they just might work for you!

Unconventional At Home Blemish Treatments

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is great to use as a cleaning agent around the house, but some people have used apple cider vinegar specifically to treat blemishes. It helps to kill the bacteria that may be causing the blemish in the first place, plus it aids in drying up excess oil that may be collecting on your skin. Mixing a bit of apple cider vinegar with water and applying it to the affected area a few times a day may help to decrease the appearance of the pimple.


Some people claim that applying a dab of toothpaste to their blemishes has helped to shrink them and make them disappear faster. If you plan to try this remedy, keep in mind that while toothpaste may help to dry out the pimple, it may also irritate the skin around it and dry that out as well.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin C and is citric acid that functions as a natural skin exfoliator. Those who have had success with this remedy claim that applying lemon juice can help to dry out a blemish and lessen the redness surrounding it.


Aloe vera is often used in combination with other things to treat skin ailments. Some claim that a little bit of aloe from an aloe plant leaf or aloe gel (which you can purchase at any drugstore) can soothe a blemish and help to decrease redness and swelling.

Banana Peels

Bananas are delicious and nutritious, but for some people they are also a secret ingredient for treating acne and breakouts. Banana peels are filled with healthy vitamins and nutrients, which some have found to be helpful when it comes to treating blemishes. It's rumored that simply rubbing a banana peel on the afflicted area has resulted in improvements. Banana peels can also be used to make masks and scrubs that are great for maintaining healthy skin as well.

Keep Your Skin Healthy the Conventional Way

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